Fast Fact: Tarana is an Aboriginal word meaning 'large waterhole'

Established in 1873 the Tarana Hotel is one of a few remaining pubs of its time. As the saying goes “if only the walls could talk…” at the Tarana the walls do talk! Filled with photographs and mementos from bygone years, you’ll take a visual trip into the local trade of the region, meet the local farming families, witness the evolution of the village and the region. You will also find photos of the many colourful locals some of whom still frequent the bar. There’s also the proud photos of the famous locally born pacer Hondo Gratten amongst them.

The historic Hotel still features the original pressed metal ceilings and an open fireplace made from local granite. Sheltered by magnificent ancient wisteria’s the beer garden is a beautiful place to grab a spot and enjoy the landscape and friendly atmosphere.

The village also has an interesting history which includes tales of bushrangers such as Henry Stratton and Richard Norris, who held up the nearby Mutton Falls General Store in 1864.

And of course there is the “Tarana Tiger” which many have reportedly seen, but no one has proved to be fact or fiction.